Gourmet Lamb Burger Mix - 125g

0.13 kg

This is our most popular burger mix here at Carnivore Cartel, a sublime blend that balances our secret blend of herbs & spices with a light aroma of fresh mint .

Ideal for making traditional lamb burgers as the mint freshens it up beautifully. 

This mix creates a burger that can be devoured at any time of year, whether it's a cold winters night or a summer BBQ!

This pack contains:

125g of Gourmet Lamb Burger mix (pre-measured to add to 1kg of mince)
Will make 11 Quarter Pounder (4oz) burgers.

Product Features 

- Medium spice level with a light mint aroma to truly complement the lamb.

- No anti-caking agents used, so please don't mind the odd bit of clumping!

- We recommend lamb mince with a fat content of 15-20% for mouth-wateringly juicy burgers! 


Simply add the 125g burger mix to 1kg of lamb mince. 
Add 125g cold water, mix well and form into burgers. Alternatively, ball them up and press them on a hot flat-bottomed pan to make awesome lamb smash burgers!

Just half the quantities to mix with 500g mince.

Please refer to our handy guide below to help you mix the right amount for your needs, to avoid wastage. We don't recommend making each burger more than 6oz as it won't cook evenly. We'd rather use two 4oz patties rather than one 8oz!

4oz burger (Quarter Pounder) = 113g burger mince
5oz burger = 142g burger mince
6oz burger = 170g burger mince

Ingredients: Rusk (wheat Flour, Salt), Salt, Sugar, Spices, Dehydrated Onion, Black Pepper, Crushed Chilli, Dehydrated Tomato, Dehydrated Garlic, Flavour Enhancer E621, Smoke Flavour (Rice Flour, Smoke Flavouring), Herbs, Preservative E221 (Sodium Sulphite), Antioxidant E301

Allergens in Bold

Suitable for Vegetarians, Halal.