Firecracker Dunking Sauce Mix (for spicy dipped chicken burgers & wings) 5kg Bulk Sack

5.0 kg

You may well have experienced the "spicy dipped chicken burger" craze taking the UK by storm at the moment, reviews of these burgers can be seen all over YouTube with fast food establishments battling to claim the accolade of "best spicy chicken burger"!


Now you can recreate these awesome sandwiches for your business with our Firecracker dunking sauce mix!

For convenience you can buy ready-breaded frozen chicken fillets such as Meadowvale from your local supermarket. Prepare the sauce mix by mixing with boiling water, as per the instructions, and dunk your freshly fried chicken fillets into the sauce before constructing your ideal sandwich! Otherwise, if you prepare your own chicken burgers using fresh fillets or thighs, your end product will be much better and more visually impressive!

Also amazing for drizzling over wings!

one 5kg sack makes 50 Litres of sauce, sufficient to dunk 400-500 chicken burgers, depending on size!

Chef's Tip: Add some chicken stock to the sauce!

Spice Level: HOT

Halal & Suitable for Vegetarians

Sugar, modified starch E1422, tomato powder, wheat flour, Flavouring Salt (salt, flavour enhancer E621), Vegetable Oil, Spices, Thickening agent E415, Natural Flavourings, Colouring 160c, Herbs.
Allergens in bold