Spicy Lamb Kofta Kebab Mix - 160g

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This is a true classic that marries a tongue-tingling heat with a depth of flavour that makes a truly delicious and juicy lamb kofta kebab!

Hand-blended by Carnivore Cartel in small batches, this mix will trump any kebab you have made before. A Lamb Kofta recipe straight from Turkey, this mix is sure to give any summer BBQ a lift. 

This pack contains:

160g of Spicy Lamb Kebab mix (pre-measured to add to 1kg of mince)
which will make approx. 14x 100g kofta kebabs

Product Features 

- Ideal with any meat, especially lamb. We recommend twice-minced lamb with a fat content of 15-20%.

- No anti-caking agents used, so please don't mind the odd bit of clumping!

- Makes a juicy, medium spiced kebab with great depth of flavour. 


Simply add the 160g spice mix to 1kg of your preferred minced meat. 
Add 210g cold water, mix well and form into your preferred kebab shape.
We normally either grill/BBQ them on skewers or make little patties. 

Just half the quantities to mix with 500g mince.

Chef's Tip:

Substitute some of the water for grated onion!

After forming the kebabs onto skewers, leave to set in the fridge before cooking.
Add the kebabs to lightly oiled grill, and let them sit without turning until they release from the grill. They may stick a tiny bit, but if you are patient, they shouldn’t stick very much. Use a spatula to help loosen any areas that stick.

Alternatively, ball them up and press them on a hot flat-bottomed pan to make awesome spicy smash kebab burgers quickly and without any fuss!

Ingredients: Rusk (wheat Flour, Salt), Salt, Sugar, Spices, Dehydrated Onion, Black Pepper, Crushed Chilli, Dehydrated Tomato, Dehydrated Garlic, Flavour Enhancer E621, Smoke Flavour (Rice Flour, Smoke Flavouring), Herbs, Preservative E221 (Sodium Sulphite), Antioxidant E301

Allergens in Bold

Suitable for Vegetarians, Halal.

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