CaterGold Professional 15" Stainless Steel colour coded Food Serving Tongs 380mm

Looking for an easy way to keep your customers safe from cross contamination? Then the CaterGold colour coded serving tongs will be perfect for you. Thanks to the stainless-steel material, these serving tongs are highly durable allowing them to last long in the busy catering environments.

Also, the extra-long handle keeps your hands away from hot food so there's no risk of you touching and potentially contaminating the food.

Featuring the colour coded system allows your customers to remain safe from contaminated food and keeping colour coded utensils is the best way to reduce unnecessary risks in the kitchen.

The vinyl coat protects the tongs against corrosion, scratching and are resistant to heat allowing them to be used for long periods without visual damage.

Colour Coding Guide:
  • Yellow – cooked meat.
  • Red – raw meat.
  • Brown / Black – vegetables.
  • Green – fruit, herbs and salads.