CaterGold Pro Series Stainless Steel Burger Turner / Spatula 34cm


CaterGold Pro Series
Stainless Steel Burger Pancake Turner / Spatula / Flipper 34cm

Flip food quickly and safely with the burger turner from CaterGold. Ergonomically shaped, the utensil gives you complete control when flipping hamburgers and hot dogs, allowing you to prepare food with expert precision.

The comfortable plastic handle also keeps hands away from hot surfaces at all times and provides a cool touch, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Constructed from sturdy stainless steel, the spatula is incredibly robust and long-lasting - making it an essential tool for any domestic or commercial kitchen.

total length: 34cm (approx 13.5")
spatula width: 16.5cm (approx 6.5")
spatula length: 18cm (approx 7")