CaterGold Pro Series Stainless Steel Solid Turner / Spatula 36.5cm


CaterGold Pro Series
Stainless Steel solid Turner / Spatula / Flipper 36.5cm

Flip burgers, eggs, pancakes and more with the high quality CaterGold Pro Series spatula. Ergonomically shaped, the utensil keeps fragile foods such as fish, omelettes and crepes in one piece while turning them - helping you prepare impeccably presented dishes.

Constructed from durable stainless steel, the CaterGold Pro Series turner is made to last, giving you excellent results for longer - even with heavy use.

The utensil is also effortless to clean, making it easy for you to keep in superb condition. Making it great for use in a professional environment.

total length: 36.5cm (approx 15")
spatula width: 7.4cm (approx 3")
spatula length: 20cm (approx 8")