CaterGold Pro Series Stainless Slotted Turner / Spatula 36.5cm


CaterGold Pro Series
Stainless Steel slotted Turner / Spatula / Flipper 36.5cm

Improve your presentation with the CaterGold Pro-Series slotted spatula.

Ergonomically shaped, this kitchen essential keeps delicate omelettes and crepes intact when turning, ensuring your presentation is always pristine. The slotted/ drilled head also allows unwanted liquids to drain back into the pan, ensuring your customers receive perfectly prepared food. Constructed from durable stainless steel, the spatula is incredibly robust and hardwearing, making it able to withstand rigorous use in any commercial kitchen. Also ideal for use on flat plates and griddles.

total length: 36.5cm (approx 15")
spatula width: 7.4cm (approx 3")
spatula length: 20cm (approx 8")